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M Dynasty Group’s business consists of two broad areas – M Dynasty Property Development and M Dynasty Fund Management.


M Dynasty Property Development is a Sydney-based Australian company. Focusing on high-end residential buildings its projects cover major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It enjoys great reputation in effective risk management and quality control.


M Dynasty Property Development has years of experience in property development, including apartments, townhouses and houses. The team consists of top professionals in all of its functions including land evaluation, sales, legal, accounting, architecture, construction and project management.


And now, utilizing the group’s many years of experience in property development and its abundant stocks of land, M Dynasty Property Development Fund was established to provide investors with an opportunity and platform to be part of this exciting journey of property development in Australia.



Each project from M Dynasty Group
is scrupulously reviewed and accurately assessed for risks.



There are significant differences between Australia’s legal and tax systems and that of China. This is one of the main areas that investors – even experienced overseas development companies – have difficulties with. This includes meeting local council and environment department requirements, legal agreements with construction and sales companies and other legal issues in the lifecycle of a property development. You will need a team of professionals to assist you to manage risks and maximize returns.


Feasibility analysis


Before investing each project, it is quite essential to study feasibility and due diligence to estimate accurately the project’s return. Some property investment companies claim misleadingly-high rate of returns in their feasibility analysis. In reality, every project has potential risks. High returns will not be achieved without careful monitoring by a professional and mature team.




M Dynasty owns a direct property sales company, which has sales channels all over Australia and overseas. This sales company has gathered a group of people who are absolutely professional. The sales team is able to customize the sales plans for the clients to suit their needs.




M Dynasty M Dynasty’s multi-award winning architecture team was awarded the ‘Golden Efficiency’ team for achieving high space efficiency ratio in its building design. For interior design, the team works closely with the client and sales team to achieve both the best return ratio and an ideal design.




M Dynasty Group delivers best-practice in the areas of

  • Residential building construction and design.
  • Construction cycle, project planning and schedule control.

It is not only specializes in apartment development but also house development. M Dynasty has developed several well-known house projects in Sydney and Melbourne. It is one of the first developers to use steel structures in house building in Australia.


Why M Dynasty

  • Team of elite professionals in legal, accounting and sales.
  • Disciplined risk management system, making risk management top priority, and therefore monitoring all aspects of the project and maximizing risk aversion.
  • Significant investments using its own capital which provide an optimum financing balance and share risks together with clients.